How we can help you

How we can help you

The Lift Channel: your vertical communication

Your ad will be the first and the last communication that customers will see at the beginning and at the end of their working day ... and this is going to happen every day.

There are different ways to better promote your brand and stimulate a specific call to action:

  • Standard Format

posts run together with The Lift Channel's content, in a dedicated frame taking 30% of the screen

  • Full Screen Format

full screen messages, replacing 100% the regular content viewing

  • Sponsorship Format

it increases your visibility on the screen by special sponsoring areas related to your business

Optimal segmentation of your target audience

The Lift Channel, due to its peculiarities and the usage of a cutting edge software solution, allows you to customize your ad campaign and maximize relevance, impact and results.

Your specific audience can be reached efficiently by selecting buildings on the basis of the type of goers, visitors, guests, employees and tenants:

  • Geographical positioning of the property
  • Number of people exposed to the messages (residents, staff and visitors)
  • Professional profile and estimated income
  • Estimated average age
  • Common features (field of activity, occupation, lifestyle)
  • Consumption habits

Strengthen and complete your media campaign, by adding our innovative channel to your ad plan!

For more info about our opportunities reserved to advertisers, contact us!