Elevator Industry

Information... Entertainment ... Inyour lift!

The Lift Channel broadcasts short programs and information on multimedia displays installed in elevator cars, in order to entertain passengers during their short ride.

A prestigious look upgrade

Choosing our solution is a unique opportunity to modernize the look of your elevator system, with an immediate and non-invasive action which greatly impacts in terms of image and utility for tenants and visitors.

A tool for owners and managers

A display area is reserved to service and security communications, which can be updated in real time. The presence of the display is also useful in avoiding acts of vandalism against the car (writings on walls, incisions with keys, broken mirrors, etc.), thanks to the focusing of passangers' attention on the screen.
The display also acts as a safety light in case of power failure (backup battery equipment).

A comfort for passengers

The Lift Channel turns a dull, ordinary, and sometimes annoying elevator transfer in a pleasant experience, a short break welcomed by everyone.


Once the screen is installed, The Lift Channel will manage the content schedule, to offer a program that is being renewed day by day.

Ideal for modernizations

The Lift Channel has developed an easy solution dedicated on purpose to the modernization of existing systems: a wall-mount surface solution complying with current safety standards.
A quick and simple intervention giving the elevator an impressive new look, and at the same time enhancing the status of the entire building in which it is located.