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A distracted audience

By exposing his new paper notice near the entrance, or by placing it at the reception desk, or even on the main Hall walls, a Hotel Manager issure that none of the guests is going to miss it.
Reality is quite different:guests are almost always in a hurry, often lost in their thoughts, or simply busy. Therefore it is difficult for them to pay a special attention to one among the too many signs, billboards or plates placed in zones that are constantly crowded.

Exploiting your elevator's communications potential

The Lift Channel redefines elevators role, bringing it to the height of a unique opportunity of a really effective communication delivery systemto reach as many guests, as soon as possible.
Even those ordinary service communications, such as the Menu Of The Day, special offers and all those pieces of information that are repeatedly asked at the reception desk, can be easily digitally exposed in the elevator car, with the certainty of being noticed and remembered, by exploiting the best place in which attention and remembrance are favored by the absence of distractions.

Catch their attention!

The principal factor of success is the interest in a multimedia color display, transmitting either short movies with audio, and/or still pictures accompanied by a pleasant elevator music: an innovative and effective element, which also adds a touch of style even to older installations.
The planning and updates of content and messages can be managed quickly and easily even by the Hotel Manager, with an investment of time that is insignificant if compared to the success of their communications and the money saving obtained by avoiding useless printouts.