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Useful for Hotels

A must-have for hotel owners and managers

Our displays can be easily customized and programmed at will by hotel managers, both as for the content choice and exposure scheduling. It is always possible to place each single message in the proper time slot that best fits its broadcast timing, and to predeterminate the number of repetitions together with the desired loop mode.

In a time which is certainly not longer than the one required by the creation, printing and posting of an individual announcement or notice, hotel managers can reach simultaneously nearly all guests, without sticking up paper notes on boards or walls around the place: this means saving time and money, while adopting a more environment-friendly behaviour, which is generally welcomed by guests.

Many reasons to enjoy The Lift Channel

It is certainly good to take into consideration also some additional advantages coming with an elevatorvdisplay installation: its function as an emergency light in case of power failure, or the reduction of the ‘lift discomfort’ that many passengers experience because of the forced unusual proxemics.
It has also been proved that an average 50% decrease of the damages caused by acts of vandalism (writings on walls, incisions with keys, broken mirrors, etc.) is measured when anelevator caris equipped with a display. Indeed, those bad impulses are in many cases neutralized when passangers' attention is focused on the display.