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The Lift Channel:
experience the feeling of a first class travel

As a property owner will derive many benefits from the presence of The Lift Channel:

Towards competitors: your way to be different

The installation of our ultra-flat screens creates a distinctive element that emphasizes your commitment to provide the best to your tenants.

Towards customers and prospects

  • The Advertising Program

By joyining our proposal, resident companies and enterprises will get authomatic access to a discounted adv price list, thus receiving the opportunity of promoting their business within the The Lift Channel at a very low cost.

  • Stimulating creativity and productive competition

The Lift Channel's content planning encourages conversation and discussion among colleagues; companies can therefore capitalize on this powerful communication tool by broadcasting corporate messages or internal events and initiatives announcements.

Towards end users: a comfort which passengers could not live without

The Lift Channel turns a dull, ordinary, boring transfer elevator into a pleasant experience, a short break from the relentless pace of work.

Towards emergencies: improve your security procedures

In case of emergency situations, sending immediately theright information to most people is a key aspect. Our internalcommunications system can proactively contribute to your safety procedures, thanks to the display capability of attracting passengers' instinctive attention .

Towards environment: a Green Solution

Implementing The Lift Channel means to position yourself as a company that is attentive to environmental issues, since the screens presence drastically reduces the usage of paper prints for internal communications. Moreover,our broadcasting scheduling includes frequent environment-friendly life style suggestions.