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Our hardware and the way we install it are made to modernize elevator cars and to look like as an originalpart of its design style.

Latest generation multimedia display, specific to your facility and building type

The Lift Channel's proposalis not represented by a single screen model for all customers. We work with several partners in the real estate, technological, informational and elevator industries, to make our installation in line with every car design, building architecture and infrastructure peculiarity.

Zero problems installation

Installing The Lift Channel screens could not be simpler: we offer a variety of sizes, features and finishes so that the ultra-thin display (the only visibile external part) will integrate seamlessly with the materials and the aesthetics of your elevator.
Regarding data transmission, thanks to wireless technology, no building infrastructure changes are required and the system can be installed and started very quickly.

Three installation modes available

To prevent vision obstructions, mounting is usually just above the eye level and itcan be made in three ways:

1. Wall mounting

This mode, which is the most adopted one, consists inmounting the display on car walls surface. This solution has been designed to meet the European safety standards in elevators.

  • A variety of finishing available to comply with thestyle of the elevator
  • Available for 10 " displays (other sizes on request)

2. Built-in

In this case, the display is plugged directly into the wall: this is the perfect solution we suggest to customers who are replacing their car, or building a new elevator.

  • The Lift Channel will provide to the executant technical drawings and documentation, and will also assist to ensure the system installation is properly executed within the project.
  • Available with 10 ", 15" and 17 " displays (other sizes on request)

3. Integrated

Through this mode, the system is installed inside the car wall and connected to the elevator control panel,in orderto allow the simultaneous display of messages and icons relating to the ride and the conditions of the elevator.

  • Example of posts: arrow keys, position of the plan and its legend, alarm, out of service ...
  • The Lift Channel will collaborate with the maintainer of your system, to ensure the system to be integrated effectively.
  • Available with 10.4 ", 12.1" and 15 " displays (other sizes on request)