The only solution of its kind

A decades-long experience in the technology and elevator domains, combined with an in-depth study of digital media and a careful screening of the content market, led us to create a unique solution, which can meet every specific need of elevator operators, owners and real estate managers, advertisers and consumers.

Latest generation multimedia displays, specific to your facility and building.

The Lift Channel's proposal is not represented by a single screen model, valid for all cases. We have a variety of sizes, features and finishes so that the ultra-thin display (the only part which is visible to users) will integrate seamlessly with the materials and the aesthetics featured by your particular lift car.

Each solution complies with European safety standards for elevators.

As for data transmission, wireless technology does not require any changes to building infrastructures: our systems can be installed and made operative very quickly.

Key Features

  • Diagonal size: 10.4 ", 12.1", 15 "and 17" (other sizes on request)
  • Display Properties: SD, HD, Touch, 3D
  • Availability of a Variety of finishes, to match any elevator style and materials featured by the cabin
  • Remote monitoring of each individual device
  • Sophisticated problems and solutions tracking system
  • Possibility of connection to lift control panels, to allow simultaneous displaying of messages and icons related to the current ride and the elevator state