Who We Are

What We Offer

Who We Are

We have a vision: redefining the elevator as a suitable environment to convey information efficiently, rising up to be to a real communication channel.

The Lift Channel is the first information and entertainment channel delivering services over ultra-thin display multimedia, dedicated to residents and visitors of high-standard buildings.

A highly qualified audience that we reach at that unique time of day, when they are more receptive and free of other inputs: during transit in the elevator.

The Lift Channel has a double meaning:

  1. It enriches and distinguishes the service provided by property ownersto their tenants and visitors, thanks to a highly useful and interesting content schedule (news, weather, stock exchange, various entertainment) added with the transmission ofinternal information (welcome messages, information on maintenance works, etc.).
  2. It represents a unique investment opportunity for local and national advertisers, offering the ability to effectively reach an audience exclusively, at a moment when it is very receptive, by necessity.

The Lift Channel's management brings together technical expertise in specific elevator domain and technology, coupled with in-depth experience from the world of digital marketing and entertainment.