The Lift Channel provides custom design and building services for personal communication networks, whether your system has been working for some time, if it is a new one, or even for communication outside the lift.

Our solutions use industrial-grade hardware, so that it is flexible enough to adapt to different installation requirements and ensure reliable and durable performance. Maximum aesthetic impact is guaranteed in any solution adopted.


Innovation and modernisation

Lift Infoscreen is a great opportunity to replace paper communication (posters, notice boards, etc.), which is still often used despite being expensive, unattractive and therefore most often ignored.

Inside the lift or even outside (in reception areas, transit areas, waiting areas, bars, etc.), our multimedia displays connected to the internet via Wi-Fi is an incisive and elegant solution to strategic position your message. This guarantees its visibility and ensures it is always up-to-date.

Lift Infoscreen can be easily customised and programmed according to the preferences of the Hotel Manager, changing both the content displayed (text, images, video) and the scheduling of their display. It is possible to diversify the scheduling of sequences in the most appropriate time slots, setting the number of repetitions and the rotation mode. Hotels can showcase products, services, special offers, events, even menus of the day, with elegant, modern and innovative communication.

Thanks to The Lift Channel, the Hotel Manager can effectively reach all guests, without putting up unaesthetic posters on walls and surfaces, saving money, respecting the environment and improving brand perception too.

Lift Infoscreen is the ideal solution to communicate institutional, brand, product and special offers. With strategic distribution of the displays, both inside and outside the lift, it is possible to build a customised content network, with a schedule that informs and entertains customers. Compared to conventional paper posters, it significantly increases the return on investment. All services, products and special offers can be illustrated clearly and attractively, thus more convincingly, with minimal impact on the facility manager’s time, who can easily update the communication on all screens in the building with just a few clicks.

Lift Channel offers Apartment Building’s administrators a sleek and contemporary screen with a digital notice board feature. This enables administrators to share their communications and important information with all residents in an effective manner, without the need for unaesthetic paper postings that cause clutter, especially when not regularly removed.
Infotainment elements such as newsfeed and local weather, pictures and videos and lists of useful numbers can be added to the administrator’s news.
The digital notice board can be installed inside the lift cabin or in the entrance of the apartment building, allowing all apartment owners to be able to use it.

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