About us

The Lift Channel transforms the lift into a modern and unique opportunity to engage passengers in any kind of commercial, residential and hotel facilities.

Perfect harmony between technology and design

The Lift Channel has been providing solutions for information and entertainment in lifts since 2010, using internet-connected multimedia displays to convey personalised communication useful to passengers. The management team has decades of expertise both in lift and digital marketing & communication.

Thanks to collaborations with the best partners in the real estate, technology, IT and lift industry, each installation guarantees maximum communication efficiency, perfect integration with the style of the cabin and compliance with lift standards.

Our partners
Sede Cassani Ascensori

Cassani Ascensori

The Lift Channel is a brand of the Cassani Ascensori group.

Since 1961, our strong expertise and tradition, together with the constant research and implementation of technological innovations and the highest level of accuracy in product quality checks and assistance, make us feel perfectly comfortable in our reference role in the elevators business.